Logistics & Distribution

TMS work with a wide range of Post providers as well as Transport and Haulage companies.

These relationships enable us to offer our Clients the service that closely matches their requirements.

This includes Mailing in the UK and Overseas mailings.

Postal Providers

We work with all the DSAs (Down Stream Access) postal companies as well as Royal Mail. We can do the forecasting and booking of your mailings so that you can be reassured that your mailings will be picked up and processed on time.

We have a close relationship with Royal Mail & are part of the Strategic Mailing Partnership Group - sponsored by Royal Mail.

If required, we can use Onepost, they will determine the cheapest method of posting your mailing pack. There are vast numbers of Postal products from Sustainable mail (environmentally friendly products) to Advertising Mail to Mailmark mail. All of these products can offer significant postal savings, for more information ring 01793 498000 and ask for details.

Please note, because we have the ISO14001 Accreditation, we can help you access the full range of Sustainable mail products, enabling you to make the most of the postal savings on offer.

Overseas Mailings

We produce many overseas mailings and are used to the tight and often immoveable deadlines that are required with this type of mail.

Most countries have unique requirements as does some of the transport companies and consolidators that we work with. We are experienced in knowing that treated pallets only can be sent to Australia and America.

We can also receive mailings from overseas for mailing in the UK.


We can also manage returns – we can data capture them and amend your database as required.