Hand Enclosing

When we have a campaign that cannot be completed by machine, our team of experienced Hand Enclosers are on stand-by to help. They work with the same accuracy and speed that TMS is known for.

Some packs are too small to put on a machine, the items are simply not machinable or the pack is too complex for a machine. Whatever the project, we have a team of skilled people who can ensure the mailing campaign is completed on time and looks perfect.


We have an excellent Fulfilment team, who work flat out to ensure we meet the SLAs for each project.

One of our contracts is in the Education sector which involves printing the personalised membership cards, letters and certificates, then affixing the card to the letter, matching this to the Certificate and then mailing. Data is usually in by 2pm Day 1, Mailing packs are sent out on Day 2.

We have a reputation for complex mailings and our Fulfilment team pulled out all the stops with a mailing that lasted for 6 months : Data in at 2pm, mail Day 2. The pack consisted of 4 pack types and between 19 and 24 inserts in each pack, with 4 personalised items needing to be printed, trimmed, folded and then inserted in to the pack. Quantity over the 6 month period was over 158,000 packs!

So, no job is too small, no job is too large. We have a very organised approach to our work so agreeing timescales and SLAs is an important part of the job.