Campaign Management

When you work with Thamesdown, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be your primary point of contact for any aspect of your campaign. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service to our clients. No mailings are the same, we can tailor each campaign to your exact requirements.

Each of our Account Managers is responsible for providing you with expert advice and guidance before production commences and then ensuring that your mailing is expertly overseen through each production stage.

With so many processes involved, any mailing has many potential pitfalls. So early discussion with your Account Manager can be vital in helping avoiding costly mistakes at a later stage:

Once creatives have been developed it makes sense to check that unusual formats, sizes, paper stocks and personalisation can be efficiently mailed. Alternatively, you might want your Account Manager to help identify the most efficient mailing formats and quantities before you brief the creatives.

For pre-printed items, ask your Account Manager for a print quotation. We can access a wide range of expert suppliers who are familiar with producing print for mailing purposes. For any pre-printed stock items, it is often advisable to supply samples in advance so their suitability can be checked for machine enclosing.

Stock management is a vital part of any campaign - we offer daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc reports on stock for those on-going campaigns.

You may also want to check whether your mailing will meet specific criteria for postal discounts from our wide range of postal suppliers.

Preparing a full and accurate job brief will help highlight any potential problems at an early stage.

For mailings which are time sensitive, alert your Account Manager so that any potential scheduling or production difficulties can be highlighted and rectified at an early stage in the process.

Once a mailing is underway, your Account Manager will ensure that your mailing is output according to your requirements. However, even with advance planning some last minute problems can occur which we attempt to minimise through our rigorous approach to quality assurance.